Unleash your athletic best with P.A.S.E. FactorTM, our all-new interval-based training program that has been scientifically designed to support the core components of performance: Power, Agility, Strength and Endurance. Featuring heart-rate tracking technology to keep you in your optimal burn zone and exercise videos on the screens, P.A.S.E. Factor’s classes will have you thinking like an athlete and performing like a champion, in the studio and in life.


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    Cardio Flow

    P.A.S.E. Factor builds each class focus by day of the week.

    Week Flow:
    Monday: P.A.S.E.
    Tuesday: Power
    Wednesday: Agility
    Thursday: Strength
    Friday: Endurance
    Weekends: P.A.S.E.

    Cardio Flow:
    Block 1: Row
    Block 2: Treadmill Incline
    Block 3: Row
    Block 4: Treadmill Speed

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    This Power-focused workout is the foundation of any athlete. Alternating short bursts of explosive effort with brief periods of rest, this workout burns fat while toning muscles and will leave you burning calories long after you’re through. Expect eight 5-minute sections that challenge every muscle, four on the floor and four cardio.

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    Our Agility workout is all about reaction time. Train your body to respond quickly to anything that life throws at you. With two rounds of agility work and two rounds of cardio conditioning, you’ll leave this class feeling like an elite athlete.

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    Strength comes from within. It is more that the weight of the dumbbell you are picking up, it is about being stronger than yesterday, mentally and physically. Our strength class is followed by two minutes of mindfulness and meditation to get you ready to conquer your day like the boss you are.

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    Endurance is what separates a champion from the rest. See if you have what it takes to go the distance with two longer rounds of work that will test your mental and physical stamina. Redefine your limits with 20 minutes on the floor combined with 20 minutes of sustained cardio.

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    This 4-in-1 workout will challenge all of the body’s systems in an action-packed class designed to meet you at your level. By pushing for ten full minutes in each P.A.S.E. category, this class will leave you feeling like you’ve been challenged to the max.

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    P.A.S.E + Challenge

    This is how a true P.A.S.E. Setter wants to finish their week. With a full 45-minute class plus an optional challenge round, you’re able to see your performance improve by competing against the old you. At the end of class, a challenge will be issued, which will repeat again in 4 weeks. With steady training, you’ll be blown away as you transform into your strongest and fittest self.

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