High-Intensity Interval Training Reimagined

Are you getting the workout you want? A workout that pushes you to new levels of fitness? An experience that keeps you fired up and leaves you proud, energized, burning to come back and do it again?It’s time to ignite your workout. Elevate your performance. Reach your goals with P.A.S.E. FactorTM. Designed to challenge all fitness levels, P.A.S.E. Factor’s high-intensity interval training workouts change daily to build your Power, Agility, Strength and Endurance and help you unleash your athletic best. Each session ends with a recovery breath work and meditation session, so you return you to your day ready for whatever it throws your way.


Your P.A.S.E. Your Space.

Unlike other interval training programs, with P.A.S.E. Factor you stay in your very own workspace, for maximum efficiency and your best results. Pods will be sanitized before each session and remain yours only for the entire duration, so you can focus on the moment and take your fitness to new highs.

The Pillars of Performance

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    P - ower

    Burn away stress and leave no muscle unchallenged as you move through fast, fun, ever-changing circuits. Our Power class will not only ignite your metabolism, but reset your energy for whatever’s next.

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    A - gility

    Agility is what you need in your fitness routine and in your busy life. Train to accelerate and slow down; react, resist or accept depending on what our programming (or life!) throws at you.

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    S - trength

    Transform your mental and physical strength with circuits designed to prepare you for anything. Strength is about more than what you can lift. It’s about meeting each day like the boss you are.

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    E - ndurance

    Redefine your finish line with longer sets that test your body and mind. Improving your endurance not only helps to burn fat, it gives you the staying power to do more of all you love.